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Integrating movement into speech-language therapy, evaluations, and screenings for the birth through five population. 



Many children are not only constantly on the move, but they also learn through movement. So why should speech-language therapy with children be any different?  Communication In Motion works with both children and their families to identify communication goals and integrate treatment strategies within the natural environment during daily routines. Movement is incorporated into sessions both to meet the children where they are and also to help them move their communication goals in ways specifically tailored to their learning styles. While most children may have movement in commonCommunication In Motion honors the differences of each child and family and works to achieve goals in ways that support and encourage that uniqueness.  

Communication In Motion is currently supporting children and families in Virginia in the Falls Church, Arlington, Annandale, Vienna, and Fairfax areas. Screenings, evaluations, and treatment sessions are all held in natural environments such as preschools, daycares, homes, playgrounds, hiking paths, forest streams, or whatever works best for any particular child and family!  

Liz Weisman, MS, CCC-SLP, has been providing speech-language services to children and families world-wide for the past twenty years. Moving between countries has provided Liz the opportunity to work with and learn from practitioners and health professionals of different backgrounds and educations. Liz incorporates a variety of inclusive, evidence-based methods into child-led therapy sessions and keeps kids on the move as they learn. Liz has focused her practice on working exclusively with the birth through five population in areas such as speech sound disorders, Autism, language disorders, and pragmatic-language disorders. She has a special interest in helping families transitioning abroad complete treatment plans and identify supports overseas. Liz maintains a small caseload to develop and implement detailed, individualized treatment plans for each child and family. 




For the preschool crowd . . . twenty-minute screenings provide the opportunity to determine if further evaluation would be helpful in identifying supports for speech and/or language. Families will be provided with a short summary outlining strengths and areas recommended for a more in-depth evaluation. 



Speech sound development, expressive language, receptive language, fluency, voicing, and pragmatic language are all areas covered within a complete speech and language evaluation. Evaluations begin with caregivers completing background information followed by a one-hour diagnostic session. A detailed report will be provided to outline next steps. 


Treatment Sessions

Thirty minute or hour long sessions held in collaboration with caregivers (daycare providers, preschool teachers, family, etc.). Weekly notes provided with goals addressed, progress noted, and ways to weave treatment strategies into daily routines. All treatments tailored to each child with an emphasis on incorporating movement.  


Do you accept insurance? 

We excel in creating obstacle courses and figuring out the best way to achieve high repetitions of targeted speech sounds, not in submitting paperwork to insurance companies. However, a detailed invoice will be provided after evaluations and on the first of each month for treatments that will include all codes, numbers, and information required by insurance providers. Families can then submit invoices directly to their providers for partial or full reimbursement. Services are considered "out of network," and it is recommend that each family contact their provider prior to initiating services to confirm coverage. 

Contact Communication in Motion for a free consultation  

Please let us know how we can support your family. Contact Communication in Motion for a free fifteen-minute consultation to hear if a family-centered, child-led, movement-based therapy approach is a good fit for your family! 




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